Our approach to service minimizes disruption and ensures a pleasant experience during treatment.

Our Process

Fill out our short contact form or just give us a call at (940) 357-9308.
We will help assess your needs and provide you with a free custom quote.
Every service comes with our Service Agreement for ongoing support post-treatment. We leave written care and cleaning instructions for the customer to refer to and will happily answer any and all questions by phone or email post-treatment.
Because we offer both textile and hard surface protection, we’re the perfect one-stop shop for new builds and renovations.

Textile Protection Services

Our patented textile protectant wraps every fiber of your everyday and luxury textiles in protection against soil, stains, and wear and tear, without altering their original color of feel.
Safe and effective for:
  • Area rugs
  • Carpeting
  • Bedding
  • Synthetics and natural or delicate fibers (even viscose!)
  • Upholstery
  • Decorative pillows
  • Window treatments
  • Leather

Our Fabric Protectant

  • Prevents bacteria from forming and protects against fungus and mold growth
  • Is the only protectant to be awarded a seal of approval by EnviroSeal
  • Offers built-in UV protection
  • Is silicone-free to prevent re-soiling
  • Is laboratory-tested and patented
  • Offers the highest levels of protection on the market
  • Is non-allergenic and non-toxic with skin contact
  • With proper care, lasts 3-5 years with no re-treatment needed
  • Helps repel dirt and dust and resists stains
  • Makes vacuuming more effective

About Our Textile Protection Process & Products

We treat textile items on location, in the warehouse, or at the receivership—we're happy to travel to wherever your items may be.
We treat textile items in the designer’s warehouse or in the homeowner’s residence, under the close supervision of our owners.
Our textile treatment product is fast drying and ready for use within 4-24 hours so there’s minimal disruption and inconvenience to the customer.

Hard Surface Protection Services

Cover your counters, floors and tiled walls in soil, stain, and wear-and-tear protection.
  • Tile and Grout
  • Pavers
  • Natural Stone
  • Brick

Our Hard Surface Products

  • Leave showers, counters, floors easy to clean and looking newer longer
  • New product technology outperforms older sealants
  • Prevents porous grout and natural stone from absorbing dirt, bacteria and stains
  • Quick drying
  • Water-resistant to protect against discoloration
  • Stain-resistant with proper care
  • Provides ease of cleaning
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Low odor

Who We Serve

Interior Designers

Interior designers can't take any chances with giving clients a bad recommendation. We’re trusted by some of the industry's top names that have designed multi-million dollar homes, restaurants, shops and offices. Ask us for specific references and let's chat about your clients' needs.


When your home is your sanctuary, you want only the best products and services. We have experience treating just about any surface you can imagine. We protect area rugs, sofas, ottomans, tile, and anything else that needs an added layer of protection. Reach out to learn more.


Our nanotechnology is perfect for use in the most demanding and high traffic areas. Airports, hotel lobbies, hospitals, retirement homes, and auditoriums are perfect applications for a protective sealant. Let us give you a demonstration.

Our Promise

Each fiber
is protected
Your items look
newer, longer
24 HR
customer support
Highest level
of protection
Textile and Hard Surface protection specialists serving the Dallas/FT. Worth area for interior designers, showrooms, builders, & homeowners.
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