How It Works

Fiber ProTector uses advanced nanotechnologies to both protect your fine textiles from mess and maintain the original color and texture. It creates an invisible shield around each fiber.

Fiber ProTector is..

Totally Safe

Not only is it safe to use on your favorite textiles, it’s safe for humans and pets too. It’s quick drying and nontoxic. You won’t even know it's there—until you need it!


The fiber protecting nanotechnology means it inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It helps keep your family healthy and free from germs and allergens.

UV protection

Built in protection from the sun comes in handy when you have open floor plans with lots of windows. Your couches, chairs, carpet, and other surfaces will be shielded from potential fading.

Improved air quality

Germs and other bacteria can’t hide in your porous surfaces if treated with Fiber ProTector. This means better air quality for your whole home.

Reduces wear and tear

Vacuuming and other regular maintenance cleaning becomes more effective because dust and particles don't penetrate the surface.

Still Not Convinced?

See what scientists have to say about the safety of our textile sealant, Fiber ProTector.

1. Reach Out

Our team is standing by to help. We’ll ask you about your project and give you an estimate right over the phone. We respond quickly to any phone or email inquiries. 

2. Schedule

We’ll schedule a time that works foreveryone to minimize inconvenience. On the day of your appointment, We’ll come prepared with everything we need. No preparation from you is required. 

3. Service Day

Most services take just a few hours at most. We treat your space as if it were our own. Once we brief you on care instructions, and the surface has dried, that's it! Back to enjoying your space.
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